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2024 NSSLA Annual Conference

2024 NSSLA Annual Conference
Boston, MA
November 21,2024

Call for Proposals

Deadline: February 28, 2024 11:59pm Eastern Time

Call for Proposals

Welcome to the online 2024 NSSLA Conference presentation submission portal for the National Social Studies Leaders Association! The 2024 NSSLA Annual Conference will be held in Boston, MA, November 21, 2024.

We plan to engage social studies leaders and supervisors from all over the US in a wide variety of relevant and timely topics. And invite you to share your work or ideas with our membership during this conference by submitting a proposal to present to NSSLA members.

Thank you for your interest in NSSLA, and we look forward to seeing you in at the conference!

Before you begin your submission, please read the General Information carefully.

General Information

All proposals are due February 28, 2024 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

For the purpose of avoiding any misunderstandings, your electronic submission acknowledges the following statements of intent and understanding:

If you have any questions, please contact Erika Lowery at


Please review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information. Please do not copy/paste from. Microsoft Word.
Do not use auto formatting for bulletin points or numbers. Observe the word limit. Select one /the most applicable to your proposal.

Conference Themes

Developing Systems Leadership Skills

Sessions focus on the development and fine-tuning of systems-level organizational structures from the grade level, school, and/or district perspectives. Topics can include applying organizational tools, frameworks and resources in social studies leadership.

Integrating Social Studies with STEM

Sessions focus on how social studies content and skills can or have been organically integrated with STEM content and skills for a rich, standards-based, student learning experience.

Increasing Disciplinary Literacy Capacity

Sessions focus on developing, implementing, and sustaining systemic instruction that builds student agency in self-curating information and opinions from multiple types of media and text in response to past and contemporary issues by critically examining primary and secondary sources. Supervisors facilitate instructors in embracing civic literacy and developing methods for engaging students in building skills to become informed and engaged citizens.

Supporting Equitable and Inclusive Narratives

Sessions focus on developing, implementing, and sustaining systemic instruction that supports administrators and teachers in using resources and instructional strategies that align to state standards and board of education policy requiring equitable and inclusive narratives.

Bridging K-16 with Research Based Instructional Practices

Sessions focus on developing, implementing and sustaining instruction based on partnerships with or influence by university research in social studies instruction and learning. 


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